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PSCG’s assessment does not measure intelligence, technical knowledge, self-presentation, or appearance. This is not a personality test or a behavioral styles assessment. While assessments of that nature are perfectly well designed for general employment purposes, they are not predictive of sales success, and we do not recommend their use in the sales selection process.

New Hire Assessment

1. The candidate assessment for new hires focuses on the likelihood of an individual’s sales success in a particular selling role at your company.
2. PSCG also suggests whether this candidate is trainable and coachable and provides guidance as to the areas in which he or she may require help during the onboarding process. While this is an important component of the selection process, it is only one component.
3. PSCG’s assessment will uncover sales issues that were likely hidden from view, even in a fairly comprehensive series of interviews. Therefore, our recommendations should be considered accordingly.
Existing Sales Staff Assessment

4. Our assessment for existing sales staff will indicate whether an individual will effectively manage salespeople, or actually sell if the role is defined for Sales Reps. The assessment indicates whether the individual is trainable, can be coached, and the kind of guidance needed to be successful. In addition, the assessment determines if an individual should be redeployed and is not a good fit for his or her role in the organization.

Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA)

The Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis (SEIA) analyzes your existing Sales staff. It is presented in several sections including:

1. An introduction where PSCG will define your opportunity.
2. The possibilities for future growth.
3. Predict how much more business this group of salespeople can produce.
4. People and Skills– Answers to questions about-performance, skill gaps, and your personnel.
5. Infrastructure – Answers to questions about strategies, alignment, systems and processes.
6. Development and Training – Answers to What to Focus on, who to develop, and a plan for the next 12 months.
7. Summary – Reasonable Expectations for the future.
8. We expect our analysis to answer four critical questions:
a. Can you be more effective?
b. How much more effective can you be?
c. What will it take to accomplish that?
d. How long will it take to accomplish that?

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