These are Questions PSCG can answer, for the right clients that want to double or triple sales growth.

What we can do for our clients

1. Create a documented, unified sales process

2. Teach and ensure effective use of CRM

3. Document sales procedure and processes for future growth and scalability

4. Ensure pipeline accuracy

5. Build a company wide sales culture

6. Consistent Sales training

7. Sale management for executive focusing them to work on sales vision not in it.

8. Uncover strategic partners or sphere of influences that can contribute to growth

9. Develop Sales Associates (Out Bounding Marketing – Lead generation reps)

10. Develop closers

11. Develop a career path to build an Elite sales force.

12. Sales technology products that best fit client

13. “A” sales player automated recruiting program (S.T.A.R.)

14. Ramp up schedule for new sales people.

15. Create the perfect DNA for the type of sales person our clients need.

What pain do we solve to prove that we are a right fit?



1. Reduce sales turnover

2. Consistent sales growth

3. We hold sales people and sales influencers accountable

4. We create alignment between management and the sales team in the areas of strategy, priorities and tactics

5. We take advantage of all of your sales potential (ROI)? Minimize lost opportunities

6. Low sales conversion ratios

How the process works


Step 1 – We assess and evaluate your current sales team.

Step 2 – The CEO fills out a survey to help us determine if the sales team is aligned with the sales strategy of the CEO.

Step 3 – We provide a Sales Effectiveness Improvement Analysis (S.E.I.A.) which provides how much sales growth potential is being lost.

Step 4 – We train our clients how to create a structured and automated recruiting process to hire “A” player sales professionals.

Step 5 – The process builds the platform for tripling growth.

Step 6 – Accurate data for marketing and strategic direction.

Step 7 – Teach Sales Team to demonstrate value and sell at higher prices?

Step 8 – We provide outbound marketing – lead generation to transfer to closers.

Step 9 – Closers opportunity pipeline increase as well as closed deals.

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