Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis S.E.I.A

Sales Performance Management


Clients retain Potential Sales & Consulting group in answering the following questions:

What can we do to increase revenue from the existing clients so more sales people are producing at the higher production levels?

How can we help our team sell more _________?

What are the current strengths of each sales person and what weaknesses are preventing them from selling more?

How well do the current systems and processes promote and support the sales team?

What is the current composition of the sales organization in terms of hunters, farmers, qualifiers, and closers and the level of competency in each area?

How can we strengthen and simplify the overall recruiting process of sales people?

What can we do to increase the ramp up of our new sales people?

What action steps do we need to take to improve our sales team and what is would the ROI be?

Scope of Services:


We will evaluate your organization using assessments in order to help determine the best strategy for blending process, consulting, and learning systems in your organization to help you maximize your growth.

Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis:

We will collect information about the company’s sales organization. This will include sales strategy, processes, and systems. We will also conduct collect data about each of your sales people about their skills, activities, sales pipeline, values and beliefs as they relate to sales.

Using the information collected we will create an Impact Analysis Report which reveals the hidden problems of which management may or may not be aware, weaknesses common to their salespeople, problems with hiring criteria, business being lost as a result of the problems and suggests changes that must be made to your sales management systems, strategies, and structure.

Participants: # up to 8. Anything above 8 may incur additional charges


1 – Sales Manager Evaluations

# – Sales Person Evaluations

1 – Sales Effectiveness and Improvement Analysis

1 – Executive Summary

1 – Surgical Strike

Investment: $4,500

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