Sales Growth Problems That Potential Sales & Consulting Group’s Team SOLVE...

While this is not a complete list ----- it is a GOOD START.

• Growth not coming quickly enough• Not as profitable as they’d like

• Due Diligence on the sales force of a potential merger acquisition target

• Not enough new opportunities

• Not enough new business

• Not enough growth from existing business

• Sell cycle taking too long

• Average Sale too low

• Too much discounting

• Losing out to the competition

• Ineffective tool for managing the pipeline

• Lack of accountability

• Too many quotes and proposals being made without wins

• Complacency

• Turnover

• Mediocrity

• Morale

• Not selling the entire product line

• Losing out to the competition

• Not enough producers

• Not getting to decision makers

• Viewed as a commodity

• Can’t sell value

• No common language

• No CRM

• No sales manager

• Sales manager spends most of the time selling

• Sales manager closes for the salespeople

• Takes too long for a salesperson to ramp up

• Hiring the wrong people


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