The Ankit

We are a fashion design house!

Industry: Distribution – Fashion Tech Accessories

Our Client designs cool fashion accessories for you and your home. They’ve done collab collections with some of the largest and trendsetting fashion retailers in the world – Our products can be found in 8000+ stores worldwide.

Their problem: The CEO/ Entrepreneur was not effective in growing sales to the target levels he desired. As the only sales person for now, when he was closing deals, working with designers, manufactures and running the business, no one was prospecting. When he was prospecting no one was closing.

Our Solution:

Potential Sales & Consulting Group Implemented in the following order:

  1. Created an ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
    1. ICP
    2. Influencers
    3. Red Flags
    4. Core Challenges
  1. Outsourced a Sales Associate for Potential Sales & Consulting Group
  2. Differentiators                                    
    1. Unique features and/or benefits of a product, or aspects of a brand, that set it apart from competing products or brands
  1. Optimize the Sales Process
  2. Optimize the Sales Pipeline and Create Effective KPI’s
  3. Begin Sales Training
  4. Sales Management begins daily with accountability huddles

Sales Development training:

  1. Bi-weekly meetings with Sales Associate
  2. Sales workshops
  3. Required reading
  4. Strategy meetings
  5. Quarterly Planning
  6. Sales training

Services they are using:

Sales Associate outbound marketing program

On going sales development training and executive coaching.

Sales technologies recommended by Potential Sales & Consulting Group

The Outcome:

Our Sales Associate has opened the doors with the buyers that led to closed deals. After 10 months The Ankit is on it’s way to double digit growth in 2015. Here are some of the following clients we obtained:



Guess Inc.



And many more big name retailers

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