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Our client alligatortek a 20 year old software and website development firm located in Chicago, Illinois with the location in Miami Florida. They build custom software to solve the business challenges of their clients in doing this they also create solutions to generate ROI for a clients businesses.

Their problem: the companies past bad hires have cost them over $1 million dollars. They were not able to build an efficient sales team and scale sales. The CEO was not effective in sales management and sales training. Though they had a CRM they were not using it effectively and were running their opportunity pipeline via an Excel spreadsheet

With stagnant growth over the last three years they came to potential sales and consulting group to help them grow sales 300{f388edbb47de5c45cc3c65b2996755516d4f94a310d7c5cb1082fbed277bb23b} over the next 3 to 5 years.

Our Solution:

Potential Sales & Consulting Group Implemented in the following order:

  1. Optimize the Sales Process
  2. Optimize the Sales Pipeline and Create Effective KPI’s
  3. Build a Proper Recruiting Process
  4. Placed an Interim Sales Manager
  5. Reviewed the data and the process of which they use their current CRM system.
  6. Began the management and enforcement of all the sales team including the CEO and COO to use of the CRM
  7. Develop the Sales, Sales Management and Engineering Teams through Training and Coaching
  8. Optimize Compensation
  9. Begin Recruiting Salespeople using OMG’s Process and Assessments
  10. Formalize the On Boarding program
  11. Begin Sales Training
  12. Sales Management begins daily with accountability huddles
  • Sales Development training:
    • Bi-weekly opportunity pipeline meetings
    • Sales workshops
    • Required readin
    • Strategy meetings
    • Quarterly Planning
    • Huddles
    • Sales training for the engineers and developers

Services they are using:

S.T.A.R. Sales Talent Acquisition Routine to hire “A” player sales people

Sales Associate outbound marketing program

On going sales development training and executive coaching.

The Outcome:

After 12 months alligatortek has grown 266{f388edbb47de5c45cc3c65b2996755516d4f94a310d7c5cb1082fbed277bb23b}, with the average sale doubling in size. A predictable pipeline, new Business Development Managers producing sales revenue due to a shorter ramp up time and a unified sales process being used across all departments.

Comments from Sid Bala President and Founder

PSCG has helped alligatortek navigate large, complex sales cycles with custom solutions.

  • One key aspect is defining our internal sales process and ensuring that we have all the required information prior to proceeding – allowing our team to be in control rather than letting prospects be in control.
  • Our CRM did not have clean data. That prevented us from focusing on the right deals – the deals worth pursuing.
  • It has been vital to have real-time coaching for our sales team (BDMs) at all stages of sales cycle to brainstorm ideas, role-play and help define a strategy.
  • PSCG has provided us continual input and advice on how to generate more leads using sales associates and cold email prospecting processes.
  • PSCG has helped us sell on value rather than price and become confident about exploring for return on investment and having clients embrace our process and see it as a differentiator.
  • We close bigger details with greater possibility now.

PSCG has helped us work with enterprise organizations of approximately $1B in annual revenue. We have been engaging with the C-Suite personnel to sell complex custom solutions.

  • Worked with us to help move the needle with Microsoft to develop a managed partnership which will generate leads in 2015
  • Process helped opened door to billion dollar kitchen products manufacturer at CIO level
  • Working with the team to develop surgical strike questions that uncover pain and build value for custom solutions
  • Ensuring that we are not seen as a commodity
  • Strategies to further penetrate existing enterprise accounts as well as offensive and defensive strategies to protect existing business

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