This is a 1 to 2 day workshop

An associate will come to your office and teach all that are involved in the hiring,  how to hire sales talent “A”players.

Here is what you will learn from our 13 modules:

  1. Why Are Salespeople Different?
  2. Why Salespeople Struggle in Your Business.
  3. What to Look for in a Successful Salesperson
  4. Find and Attract Salespeople that will Succeed in Your Business Innovative Ad Writing
  5. How to Use Automation to Save Time
  6. How to Use a Sales Specific Pre-Employment Assessment
  7. How to Use the information on a Resume
  8. The Phone Interview – How to Qualify Candidates in Less Than 5 Minutes
  9. The Interview – What to Look for and How to Be Sure
  10. Compensation, Documentation and the Job Offer
  11. The Final Interview –
  12. The First 90 Days – Managing a New Salesperson
  13. Who Does What?  Identify Required Actions and Assign Responsibilities 
  14. Someone must take responsibility for each step of the process.


STAR (Sales Talent Acquisition Routine) 1 to 2 Day Kick Off Unlimited Testing License for (3) Hires or 1 year—whichever occurs first –

This Agreement is based on the number of hires, not the number of tests used.

Upgrade Reports for All Hires Under this Agreement – Included in this agreement are free upgrades for all hires. This means each hired candidate in this agreement will be automatically upgraded to a full Sales Evaluation. This report should be used as a guide for the manager and newly hired sales person to shorten ramp up and quickly focus on the areas for improvement.

Support – Potential Sales & Consulting Group will support designated Hiring Manager(s) and internal employees in the hiring process as long as the agreement is in good standing. Including but not limited to:

Phone Support

Phone Conference interviews

Head Hunting scripts, processes, and resources


Writing and revising ads

Placement of ads (Client responsible for all ad fees)

Ad exposure advisement

Candidate referrals – any candidate I know will be recommended.

Investment: $15,000