Chief Business Development Expert

Victor Arocho has over 30 years of executive sales development experience. He’s held many different level positions such as President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Sales Officer, and Executive Vice President.

His diversified background in B2B sales, technology, finances and operational processes is what has allowed him to build a sales culture for entire companies. His expertise in all these areas has helped many companies grow sales revenue while being fiscally prudent.

His passion and veracity for sales is demonstrated by his ability to build “sales armies” due to a unified sales process and an “A” player hiring sales system where he finds the top 4% of good sales people and the top 4% of great sales people via sales focused assessments.

His utilization of sales evaluations for existing sales teams and/or newly acquired sales teams via mergers and acquisitions, provides his clients a surgical sales plan built around systems, processes and methodologies. This plan is developed so that his client has the option of either executing it themselves or having Potential Sales & Consulting execute it on their behalf.

Client testimonials:

“We have accelerated our pipeline. “

“His hands-on approach is like no other.”

“He’s great at coaching, mentoring and execution.”

“He has taught us selling on ROI and that we as a company bring tremendous value to the table.”

“He takes a lot of pressure off his clients and proves to us that we are all valuable.”

“I will never hire a sales person again unless they pass the OMG Assessment.”

Amongst a career of highlights, here are a couple of noteworthy examples:

  • Hired 2 “A” Player sales people and within one year the sales grew 159%, year two 141% for an overall year growth of 224%. The company is on pace for another 150% plus growth in year 3.
  • In 10 months our sales associate made 60,000 touches generated 130 accounts that fit the company’s ideal client profile, 300 decision makers, 34 Sales Qualified leads with a 90% closing rate. The client’s company is on pace to grow 125% in 2015.
  • This is a combination of the results of our Sales Associate and the time and freedom it is giving the Entrepreneur to focus on closing deals while running his business. Client is ready to hire a new sales person utilizing our STAR hiring program.
  • Sales are approaching revenues on a monthly basis what was sold on a yearly basis. The CEO is now more involved in being coached in sales along with the entire sales team inclusive of the engineers.
  • Victor along with a partner raised $14 million in private investment to start his own property and casualty insurance company. Victor was instrumental in architecting the company’s state of the art technology systems and sales culture. Over the last 4 years the company has generated more than 40 million in sales.
  • He headed up the sales for a stagnant publicly traded insurance company. The company went through explosive growth. Within 24 months the company went from 32 million in sales in one state to 110 million in 5 states raising it’s stock price by 1200%.

Personal Highlights include:

  • Victor has been married for 18 years.
  • In 1985 & 1986 he was selected to the Mid-Atlantic Conference football All Star Teams as a Free Safety.
  • In 1984 was ranked number 3 in the country as a D3 punt returner.
  • In 1987 was selected to Who’s Who Amongst Colleges and Universities
  • Victor continues to serve his community of Pembroke Pines, Fl by coaching youth basketball, baseball, football, and girls’ soccer.
  • Victor’s 2012 8th grade Travel basketball team ended up ranked #4 in the State of Florida

Born in New York raised in New Jersey. Victor now resides in South Florida.