5 Step Sales Process

Step 1 – Utilize sales specific sales evaluation tools that will provide you the
data for a great roadmap for your company, that is seeking to grow revenue.

Step 2 – An Analysis of the Sales Force is no easy task. Analyze the data based on the sale specific evaluations.

Your analysis needs to answer five critical questions:

1. Can we be more effective?

2. How much more effective can we be?

3. What will it take to accomplish that?

4. How long will it take to accomplish that?

5. Are you missing Sales opportunities that are holding back your growth?

Step 3 – Video youtube chapter 1 of Miracle on Ice

1. Consistent Sourcing or Ad placement ($1,000 per month per position min)

2. Sales specific assessment to weed out non “A” Players

3. Hold Auditions for the 1st interview

4. 2nd Interview Sell the company and CEO needs to sell his Vision

5. Make offer.

Step 4 – Customized Blended Learning programs

Should Include:

1. Have a 90 day Ramp up plan

2. Monthly Sales training sessions including sales management

3. Online sales Curriculum with quizzes and usage reports

4. Role Playing

5. One on One session with sales managers

6. Sales progress report 8 to 9 months later (Checkpoint)

Step 5 – Manage what you measure and inspect what you expect.

Release the bottom 10% of your low performers annually.